One in five women in college are sexually assaulted reported by the Washington post. An update on this statistic from the publication of the Washington Post-Kaiser Foundation nationwide survey confirmed the 1 in 5 statistic.

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The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention. Facts at a Glance:

In a nationally representative survey of adults:

  •  Nearly 1 in 5 (18.3%) women and 1 in 71 menv(1.4%) reported experiencing rape at some time in their lives,
  • Approximately 1 in 20 women and men (5.6% and 5.3%, respectively) experienced sexual violence other than rape,
  • 13% of women and 6% of men reported they experienced sexual coercion at some time in their lives, and
  • Click here to download .pdf with more statistics from the CDC