The No2SubstanceAbuse™ program is designed to educate students on the addictive quality of many substances including alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The course covers the harmful effects on the body,  strategies to remain drug free despite pressure from peers and society, as well as how to make healthy choices.  The poisonous chemicals found in drugs along with their addictive nature will be covered.  The short and long-terms effects of substances on the body will be explored in addition to the life time effects.  Strategies to remain drug free will be discussed.

The course is customized to fit your organization’s policies and procedures as well as the applicable laws and consequences. It is also designed to meet your organization’s needs with trackable and reportable results. The program also includes an assigned advisor to meet on a regular basis with your organization’s leaders to truly integrate new events into the program. Leading speakers on substance abuse are also available.
No2SubstanceAbuse™ offers a comprehensive program like no other fully customized to meet each organization’s needs.
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