According to statistics hazing has been going on for decades in the U.S. in a variety of organizations. A list of incidents described by the media as a hazing-related death tragedy can be found at ...

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One in five women in college are sexually assaulted reported by the Washington post. An update on this statistic from the publication of the Washington Post-Kaiser Foundation nationwide survey confirmed the 1 in 5 statistic.

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About 28 percent of students ages 12–18 reported being bullied at school15 during the school year, according to the Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2013 report, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and National Center for Education Statistics Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The majority of bullying still takes place at school; 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school, according to the DHHS.

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all under one umbrella on student awareness for a safer campus experience. Our customized courses offer captivating and interactive e-Learning experiences for all organizations. Each of our courses offer testing, tracking and certification which can be integrated to your organizations portal. A key component to our success is a hands-on approach to stay connected through each organizations self-appointed advisory panel to update the courses quarterly. Safe Campus Life™ is designed by E-Concepts, Inc. with over 10 years of development of customized online education.